26 April 2008

Republiciness: it's back

Prime Minister K. Rudd has struck a huge blow for the republicy.  At a management retreat held inside a hill in Canberra last weekend, the Chosen 1002 nominated ‘the republic’ as the key focus for public policy over the next 12 years.  The crowd went wild with adulation for Kevin, chanting “krepublic, krepublic” (not to be confused with crepuscle, crepuscle, which is something to do with twilight).  Apparently two people kept quiet, but it was nevertheless a wonderous display of overwhelming support from 99.8% of the Chosen.  This is well managed expert democracy in action. 

The Old Monarchists complained that they were  excluded from the retreat, but K. Rudd's chief facilitator pointed out that they didn’t apply to come.  Even so, the facilitators had made great efforts to find some monarchists to invite, looking here, looking there, but they just couldn't find any.  Therefore, they concluded, there aren't any left, or if there are, their reliance on zimmer frames was a clear indication that they would have nothing to contribute to themes and streams about the future.  Obviously, they'd all be dead by 2020, so what would be the point?



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